• Atlassian

    Specialists in DevOps and ITSM practices, iDev Soluções relies on Atlassian to prioritize flexible technologies and tools that can be used to start work from where the customer is.

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  • Google Cloud Platform

    We can drive the transition from your IT to the cloud, always prioritizing the understanding of your goals and problems to be solved, and offer the best solution.
    From total creation of environments, integrations, modernization of application code to CloudNative, or migration of environments, whether physical or cloud.

  • New Relic

    IDev offers Application Monitoring in a managed and fully observed manner (full observability) through NewRelic. With more than 4 years' expertise in the platform, we support operation and development teams in our NOC as Service, monitoring application performance and health.

  • Zabbix

    Specialists in DevOps and ITSM practices, iDev Soluções has had Zabbix since 2008 to structure the infrastructure and business monitoring of its customers. With a focus on the core business, whether IT or not, our team delivers value by conducting analysis and implementing continuous improvement through the indicators collected, whether in technology or processes.