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High-Velocity IT depends on the cultural suitability of the organization, and the adoption of practices that increase speed without reducing the quality of deliveries, meeting the demands of the business and its governance.

Specialists in DevOps and ITSM practices, iDev Soluções relies on Atlassian to prioritize flexible technologies and tools that can be used to start work from where the customer is. HVIT objectives can be met by Atlassian tools as well as integration with existing tools.

Specialization in HVIT
(High Velocity IT)

  • Valuable investiments

    Atlassian tools provide alignment, knowledge management, transparency in decisions and information collection so that investments are evaluated, selected and put into practice by the organization.

  • Fast Devolpment

    By identifying the business value, it is possible to accelerate development with agile methods and tools. Atlassian tools make Agile methods tangible, ensuring that the defined value is reached by the teams.

  • Co-create Value

    Through constant collaboration, transparency and a focus on business value, Atlassian tools support the co-creation of value between internal and external customers, in a practical way, bringing together internal and external teams in engagement.

  • Assured Conformance

    Agility does not eliminate governance issues. Atlassian tools facilitate the maintenance of governance while teams can fulfill their technical potential to create the value expected by the organization.
    As an example, the automation of Change Orders in conjunction with automated deployment without the developer having to navigate between different tools!

  • Resilient operations

    In complex systems, it is not enough to just think about redundancies, but to prepare for Incidents. Atlassian tools provide the necessary agility to identify, engage teams and provide transparent communication to end users about remediation actions that teams are taking, while releasing the technical potential to act as quickly as possible in an interruption.